Downdraft spray paint booths in Hednesford

Guarantee speed and precision with the bespoke downdraft spray paint booths from Haltec in Hednesford. We supply clients across the UK and around the world, so give us a call to speak to our team about your business needs.

Spray paint nozzle

Pit extraction installations

With nearly 40 years of experience, Haltec design and construct downdraft paint booths and custom booths for automotive, commercial, industrial and aerospace industries. Through using advanced CAD technology, we are able to complete downdraft and semi downdraft paint booth designs and show you a preview of our results before the construction process begins. For optimum car refining results, consider having a downdraft paint booth installed with a pit extraction as it can clear mist efficiently and cure paint quickly.

Pit Extraction Examples

Example 1

  • 2 x CV spray booths
  • Installed at Thomson Pettie
  • Large volume metal fabrication company


Example 2

  • Haltec CV spray booth
  • Side extraction
  • Installed in Corby at Advanced Body

High- And Low-Level Lighting

Side, Rear or Pit Extraction

Electronic Roller Shutter Doors

Drive Through Entry Feature

Galvanised or White Coated Panels

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