Haltec airstream with doors opened

Airstream 5




• Internal Dimensions: 9.0mtr x 3.9mtr wide x 3.5mtr high
• 22000m3/hr Airflow rating
• 5.5kw belt driven centrifugal fans (1x Intake, 1x extract)
• Specifically, designed LED PCB Boards (1500 Lux)
• Water based compatible
• Additional self-closing personnel door
• Semi downdraught extraction (no pit required)
• Direct gas fired burner (natural gas / LPG)
• Double skin insulated, white interior/white exterior cabin
• Main doors 3 leaf design (2.84mtr wide opening)
• 1-year parts and labour warranty

Options (at extra cost):

Corner vehicle doors
Airmax water based curing system
External weatherproofed