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Airstream Options 
Take control of your spray booth

The power is in your hands with plenty of configurations for the Airstream series, allowing you to truly tailor a spray booth to your desired requirements. All of the spray booths are manufactured in the UK at our base in Burntwood, Staffordshire so that you are guaranteed high quality UK manufacture when you choose Haltec.
Even after your Airstream is fully complete, we offer full maintenance from changing spray booth filters to servicing and repair. Spray booths can be installed both internally and externally at your premises.

Spraybooth options

  •  Observation windows – ideal for colleges and training
  •  Blower systems – speed up baking times by up to 50%
  •  Flexi curtains – can be drawn back to maximise workspace
  •  Light boxes – create an optimum lit working environment 
Lights in a spraybooth
Canvas spray booth protection

Spray booth doors 

  •  1, 2 or 3 leaf doors - the standard doors on the Airstream series 
  •  Corner doors – perfect for smaller spaces and tight angels
  •  Roller shutter doors – suited to industrial and large commercial applications
  •  Open fronted/no doors – great for spraying small components  

A corner spray booth
A closed, illuminated spray booth
Exterior of a door to a spray booth

Spray booth filters

  •  Pocket/Box filter
  •  Primary & secondary extract filters
  •  Primary & secondary intake filters
  •  Andrea (paper filter)
A clean spray booth
Need to change your spray booth filters? Order from Haltec in Staffordshire on 01543 673 408
save money on a used spray booth.
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